Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Tips for the Point Guard

A. Mental Attitude and Approach, Communication
Be a leader.
Be an intelligent player.
Be a communicator.
Be a floor coach; the team will follow your example
Be confident.
Be unselfish, bring out the best of your teammates.
Be a promoter; promote team spirit and unity.
Support and commit to the goals and philosophies of the team
“Play hard, Play smart and Play together.”

B. Defensive Attitude and Approach
Set the intensity level on defense.
Be aggressive - avoid fouling.
Commit to pressure on ball.
Commit to denying every pass - 1 pass away.
Keep the ball out of the middle of the floor.

C. Offensive Attitude and Approach
Set the tempo on offense- know when to break and when to pull it out.
Know every position on offense.
Court balance.
Be an offensive threat- always catch the ball in Triple-threat position.
Handle the ball with confidence- keep your head up.
Make the easy pass- don’t telegraph your passes.
Read the defense- see the mismatches or openings in the defense.
Outlet Pass - call for the ball quickly - yell "OUTLET" - above foul line extended.
Always get back on Defense to prevent fast breaks.

D. Making the Entry Pass
Pass to the low post from below the foul line extended. Above this line, creates a bad
passing angle.
Make quick, sharp passes. No floaters- Fake a pass and make another.
Bounce passes to the low-post.

H. Know the game situation
Know the game, score, clock.
Know how many time-outs your team has.

Most importantly, have fun and enjoy the game!

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